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shikkunon A

"shikkunon A" mixed a powdery active carbon to calcium hydroxide, and adsorbs VOC (volatile organic compounds) more strongly
An examination place: Yamaguchi industry technology center test method: Gas bag method
"Toluene" which it is hard to adsorb adsorbs it in other tozai.
I can expect deodorization, the deodorization effect by the active carbon.
Particularly, it is recommended to a person having a problem with the smells of the sickhouse syndrome and the cigarette pet.
A note: When I use "shikkunon A", I paint a base with aqueous Sheeler and, besides, I paint nishikkunon A for undercoating once and I paint "shikkunon" twice on the top and finish it. In addition, I cannot apply it to synthetic resin paint, a vinyl chloride cross. A crack becomes easy to enter.
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