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shikkunon development concept

I want to develop a product suitable for a Japanese house

We had three places of mine lots in Mine-shi, Yamaguchi and it produced calcium hydroxide for calcium oxide for building materials for steel, chemical industry, paper industry, agriculture and sold the limestone of the high quality to raw materials.
I was investigating it whether you could not develop the product with any added value using a handling product and knew plaster paint gademawatteirunoo which it was easily possible for by a roller and a brush made in Germany.
In us, I aimed at the development of the suitable product by a Japanese house and started the study of the plaster product in cooperation with Yamaguchi industry technology center.
Yamaguchi industry technology center

To give a texture of the traditional plaster?

There was serious trouble for a study to make it easy I kept adhesive property and I came off and did not crack and to paint a chief ingredient with calcium hydroxide.
"shikkunon" holds quantity of the organic resin in check as much as possible to give the texture of the conventional plaster wall. Acetic acid vinyl system and the acrylic resin were high in the adhesive property, but had a hard time to look for an unscented thing as an odor was strong.
Furthermore, I spend considerable time on a kind, combination of calcium hydroxide and the resin to give a texture of the traditional plaster. In addition, in addition to the resolution of deodorization, VOC, I mix the photocatalyst with the function to cover a color of the groundwork. (only as for the white)

It is succeeded by the development of the product which I mixed an active carbon with!

I succeeded in development of "shikkunon A" where I mixed shikkunonni powder active carbon with after release of "shikkunon".
I adsorb shikkunonha horumuarudehito in a short time, but shikkunon A adsorbs chemical substances such as toluene which it is hard to adsorb strongly in other tozai and is eliminated. In addition, I am superior in a deodorization effect.

Buyer increase of DIY!

I have effect of the recent DIY boom, and an inquiry and the purchase "that even new construction wants to apply let alone a reform by oneself" increase steadily.
In addition, relief, safe wall materials were looked for on the Internet and came to often have an inquiry.

Discerning ... to "shikkunon" - having no bad smell

In the autumn of 2011, raw materials developed "shikkunon" only for natural material and it produced it and sold it.
As construction characteristics, the feel of a material are equal to conventional "shikkunon" and poor (irritating odor) does not do it, you protect the health of a family and the builder and can use it in peace
Calcium hydroxide, calcium carbonate, reduction starch (starch) sugar monster,
Methylcellulose, color, powdery active carbon (shikkunon A), water
Yakusen lime
3362, Isachoisa, Mine-shi, Yamaguchi
TEL. 0837-52-1148
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