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Lime and environment

The lime is the resource which is kind to the earth protecting our environment.
The lime is used for various uses.

Prevention of air pollution of the incinerator

At the time of the destruction by fire of a large quantity of garbage going out of a home and the factory, harmful hydrogen chloride and sulfur oxide are included.
The lime is used for the removal of the poisonous gas, but the product which I mixed lime and an active carbon with as measures of a more harmful dioxin is used recently.

Factory, prevention of air pollution of the thermal power station

In the factory, I burn heavy oil or coal for the driving of a generator and the boiler, but harmful sulfur oxide is included in effluent gas. The lime turns into gypsum in response to sulfur oxide and is used as a plasterboard and a plaster, raw materials of the cement.

Purification of water and sewage

We use a large quantity of water through every industry any place other than the home.
I purify the water which I took in from a river or the wetlands at the water purification plant and make safe drinking water. In addition, the drainage to go out of the home is sent to the sewage disposal plant through the sewer and I have been purified and do it in Reina water and drain it into the river.
In a process of the water supply processing, I regulate pH at the same time to add lime in a cohesion deposition device, and to hasten purification. I can prevent outbreak of Akamizu caused by the rust of the iron pipe when I do lime processing. In addition, there is a dehydration effect and becomes easy to carry it when I add lime to sludge separated from Haramizu.
In a process of the sewerage treatment, the lime is used together with other inorganic flocculant and it is easy to do cohesion, deposition, deodorization of the sludge and does it. Lime provides deodorization action and sterilization.

Construction remaining soil recycling

The soft soil or sludge occurring at a construction site are brought into the improved plant and make it lime and mixture, the solidity and are reused as laying earth on the ground materials.
In addition, lime and the methods of construction to mix it, and to perform stabilization spread widely on the site and contribute to outbreak restraint of the construction remaining soil.

Prevention of epidemics, sterilization of foot-and-mouth disease and the bird flu

For the prevention of a case and the outbreak that foot-and-mouth disease and bird flu produced, lime is used for sterilization based on a law and the notification of the country and helps prevention of infection.

Chemical change of the limestone

Use of the limestone

Use of the calcium oxide

Use of the calcium hydroxide

From the limestone mine to a product

① Limestone mine (I mine approximately 200,000t a year)

② I carry it to the crusher with a belt conveyor

③ I burn the limestone at a high temperature

④ I store lime in the tank

⑤ I am transported to factories

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