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(1) High workability

A plasterer mixed materials in the spot and finished the conventional plaster wall with an iron. Because I mix all materials at shikkunonha shipment stage, I can use it after stirring immediately. (I use a roller and a brush for construction)

(2) Superior choshitsusei

As coating becomes the quality of many holes by the calcium hydroxide which is a main material, be superior to kyuhodesei of the moisture, and there is an effect for prevention of indoor dew condensation.

(3) High fireproof characteristics

I am superior in fireproof characteristics like the conventional plaster wall.

(4) Correspondence to the sickhouse syndrome

I assume shikkunonha calcium hydroxide, water, a reduction starch (starch) saccharification thing a main material and am approximately unscented. This product receives authorization in the chemical substance radiation voluntary authorized system that association of Japanese plaster established. In addition, I adsorb indoor VOC (volatile organic compounds) and disintegrate.

(5) Active carbon mixture product "shikkunon A"

When I am worried about a smell in particular, I recommend it (undercoating materials)
I adsorb VOC more strongly by having mixed shikkunonni powder active carbon. Toluene which it is hard to adsorb adsorbs it in other tozai. Particularly, I recommend it to a person having a problem with the smells of sickhouse, a cigarette and the pet.
shikkunon A (undercoating materials) adsorbs VOC (volatile organic compounds) more strongly.
(when I use shikkunon A, I paint it as undercoating materials once and, besides, I paint nishikkunono two times and finish it)
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