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Calcium oxide calcium hydroxide plaster wall White Line

Calcium oxide

I burn the limestone at a high temperature (approximately 1,000 degrees) and grow it.
CaCO3 (limestone) → CaO (calcium oxide) CO2 (carbon dioxide)
Chief ingredient ... calcium oxide, chemical formula ... CaO
Appearance specific gravity ... 0.9-1.1 (1m3 ≒ 1t)
■Calcium oxide (san, 20 kg) for the industry
Impurities removal disposal of iron in a converter and the electric furnace
It is improved the production efficiency for sintering use
Reduction of the discharge NOx
●Size (mm): 0-1, 1-5, 5-25, 25-35
■Powdery calcium oxide (san, 1t furekon, 20 kg)
Drainage processing, neutralizer
20 kg of calcium oxide
Calcium oxide furekon
Calcium oxide 1-5mm
Calcium oxide 5-25mm

●Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS R 9001)

More than 93.0
2.0 or less
More than 90.0
More than 80.0
■Calcium oxide (san, 1t furekon, 20 kg) for the quality of soil stabilization
Is juicy; soft; is, and improve soil, and can support a building or a road well.
Detailed explanation of the quality of soil stabilization
■Medical calcium oxide (san, 20 kg)
It is for bordeaux mixture to use for the sterilization of a fruit tree and vegetables.

Calcium hydroxide

I react water to calcium oxide and make it.
CaO (calcium oxide) +H2O Wednesday → Ca(OH)2 (calcium hydroxide)
Chief ingredient ... calcium hydroxide, chemical formula ... Ca(OH)2
Appearance specific gravity ... 0.4-0.55 (1m3 ≒ 0.5t)
■Calcium hydroxide (san, 20 kg, furekon 700, 500, 300 kg) for the industry
Water supply processing (when I add it to pH adjustment, Akamizu prevention, sludge a dehydration effect)
The sewerage treatment (it is easy to deodorize it and has it deodorization, disinfection, cohesion, deposition of the sludge)
The removal of sulfur oxide, the hydrogen chloride gas in effluent gas
Line business such as prevention of detachment, the ground of the asphalt pavement
Calcium hydroxide for the industry
Calcium hydroxide 500 kg furekon
Calcium hydroxide

●Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS R 9001)

Fineness residue (%)
More than 72.5
1.5 or less
5.0 or less
More than 70.0
More than 65.0
■Calcium hydroxide (san, 20 kg) for the building
It is most suitable as raw materials of the plaster
■Calcium hydroxide for the quality of soil stabilization
Detailed explanation of the quality of soil stabilization

Plaster wall

Furthermore, I add improvement, and the finish is good,
It became easy to use it.
■It is for 20 kg (waterproofing 3P bag) of ...5 tsubos
■It is for 4 kg (plastic bag) of ......1 tsubos
■Entering 4 kg of cases (for 1 tsubo) *8 bag
About the authorized system → This


I can use it for interior, exterior, roof lacquer.
An iron spread is good, and workability is outstanding.
I release onerousness of the harmony in ----spot finished cheaply.
Because I use high quality lime, luster appears when I polish it with an iron.
As high quality materials are mixed, it is hard to produce crazing.
For final coating finish of the gypsum plaster groundwork, workability is the best.

Application method

●Middle coating…
I get up more than ten days and, after undercoating, perform irregularity rectification.
I am dried after irregularity rectification more than ten days and I drag Kanoko and do it and perform middle coating.
In the case of need of the middle coating, I perform the coating figure belonging to to the top charge account to rub enough a plaster wall and sand into kneading on fire alignment, the lower ground in the ratio of 1:2.
In addition, you turn down shuro hair, a palm in the point that the crazing is easy to produce, and please be crowded.
The gypsum plaster groundwork, please go to coating o belonging to in a semidry state.
●Final coating…
At semidry time of the middle coating, I finish it with a coat to see black-and-white paper strings condition.
After adding approximately 17-18 liters of water to plaster or be 25 kg, and working it out uniformly, and having put it together, be accompanied by the top after performing modest closing words of a letter by all means and do the final coating, and please finish it without an iron irregularity elaborately.
Middle coating
Final coating
A tree drags
The groundwork
The RAS groundwork
Lath board
The groundwork
Complete drying
I fix the spot (7mm)
Complete drying (more than ten days)
I drag Kanoko (2.5mm)
Middle coating (4.5mm)
Half drying
Modest closing words of a letter (2mm)
Upper charge account (1mm)

Normal finish

I polish it and seem to finish it
I lower it and beat

Complete drying
Board use
I dry more than ten days
There is a top; the groundwork
Coating out of the farm product
It is hodokoshikoryo for rank the next day
After drying

White Line

White Line is new line materials "composed primarily of calcium carbonate"

White Line
White Line (red)
White Line (yellow)
White Line (blue)
White Line is new line materials "composed primarily of calcium carbonate".
Calcium hydroxide was mainstream, but, speaking of line materials of the conventional ground, chemical property of the calcium hydroxide caused some problems.
The strong alkaline top, fine particles-rich saved it, and was scattered at time to pull a line at time to move it to the caliber discounted by a line, and there was the report of the accident that attached to skin, a mucous membrane, and woke up inflammation.
In addition, it absorbs atmospheric water in a line pull device when I keep it for a long term and hardens and becomes hard to use it.
The product which solved these problems is White Line.
I crush white marble, and White Line classifies it and produces it.
Therefore, I am not scattered by the wind a little, and it is approximately neutral, and we do not have to worry to wake up inflammation of skin, the mucous membrane chemically.
In addition, lawns were damaging a ground in the calcium hydroxide so far and can use it in peace.

It is a line of the eco-friendly new age when I noted the health of the child student.

White Line
Calcium hydroxide
Chief ingredient (chemical name)
 Calcium carbonate
Calcium hydroxide
Approximately neutral
Strong alkalinity
Stimulation to skin, a mucous membrane 
There is hardly it
Inflammation is caused
The situation of the scattering
I am not scattered very much
It is easy to be scattered
Change by the time progress
I do not harden
■10 kg of White Line colors (red, blue, yellow)
I prepared three colors of red, blue, the yellow.
As I use the color which does not include appointed heavy metal in a harmful substance regulated for the coloration, it is available in peace.


White Line color (from the left white, red, blue, yellow)

*It may be a little different from the real color.
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