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The sickhouse syndrome

The health disorder that chemical substances such as horumuarudehito occurring from a house cause becomes the problem. Let alone building materials maker and a builder, a thought wants to wrestle seriously to keep our safe living what there is because the consumers keeps the security of the family.

With the sickhouse syndrome

I call various healthy obstacles to come from the room air pollution in the house the sickhouse syndrome collectively.
A room air was polluted by chemical substances by becoming it going ahead through the high airtight high insulation of the house, and having used a lot of building materials containing the chemical substance called new kinds of building materials and came to adversely affect the health of the person who lived there.

Both the cause and the symptoms are a great variety of and cannot understand the sickhouse syndrome only by one cause and one symptom, definition from a certain one side definitely.
There are many more unexplained parts including the mechanism of the onset. "The chic school becomes the problem as a healthy obstacle by the room air pollution of the school recently, too".
It is the present conditions that correspondence is not maintained in the medical field either without mechanism and the cure as the disease being elucidated. You must think that building materials maker, a builder and the consumers find security, health by own hand to be based on these present conditions.

The main cause of the sickhouse

■The chemical substance which volatilizes from building materials
New kinds of building materials which I contain a chemical substance and added are used many, and a room air is polluted by a chemical substance volatilizing from there. Wall paper, adhesive, plywood, every building material including the paint cause the room air pollution.
■The chemical substance which volatilizes from furniture
The chemical substance volatilizes from a carpet and a curtain, furniture. Adhesive and a fire retardant, various chemical substances including the insect repellent are used.
■Tick mold
In the house which is easy to cause dew condensation at high humidity, tick mold becomes easy to occur. It adversely affects the health including allergy by a tick and the mold.
■It is lacking in ventilation
Becoming it went ahead through the high airtight high insulation of the house, but causes the room air pollution because ventilation measures were late. Recognition to the need of the plan ventilation is short.
■Change of the constitution
A person of the allergic predisposition and people of the constitution that is sensitive to a chemical substance increase. In addition, it is thought whether the psychological factors such as the stress are one cause of the sickhouse syndrome.
■Everyday life article
It is caused by the chemical substance occurring from the everyday life articles such as cosmetics and a cigarette, spray, insect repellent, the heater.
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