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shikkunon characteristic

As sickhouse measures

I put an important point for the house environment improvement from a shikkunonha health side and am the product which I researched and developed with a Yamaguchi industry technology center. There are features less than shikkunonniha.


A plasterer craftsman mixed materials in the spot and finished the conventional plaster wall with an iron.
Because I mix all materials at shikkunonha shipment stage, I can use it right after stirring. I use a roller and a brush for construction.


As coating becomes the quality of multi-hole by the calcium hydroxide which is a main material, be superior to kyuhodesei of the moisture, and there is an effect for prevention of indoor dew condensation.

3.Fireproof characteristics

I am superior in fireproof characteristics like a conventional plaster wall.

4.Correspondence to the sickhouse syndrome

I assume shikkunonha calcium hydroxide, water, a reduction starch sugar monster a main material, and product itself is approximately unscented.
I can expect deodorization, a deodorization effect by the calcium hydroxide.
This product receives authorization in the chemical substance radiation voluntary authorized system that association of Japanese plaster established.

5.About active carbon mixture product "shikkunon A" (undercoating materials)

I adsorb VOC more strongly by having mixed shikkunonni powder active carbon.
"Toluene" which it is hard to adsorb adsorbs it in other tozai.
Particularly, I recommend it to a person having a problem with the smells such as sickhouse, a cigarette or the pet.
When I construct shikkunon A, I paint a base with aqueous Sheeler and, besides, I paint with nishikkunon A one time and I paint with saranishikkunono two times and do it and finish it.
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