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shikkunon Q&A

The features of "shikkunon?"

Q1: Please tell me the difference with the plaster in shikkunonto before.
shikkunon & plaster comparison list
The plaster
Main material
Calcium hydroxide + water
Calcium hydroxide + water
Existing compounding
Spot compounding
Construction method
 Roller, brush
Construction area (indication)
About 2m2/㎏
About 0.8m2/㎏
Construction supplier
 It is a person of painting business mainly
It is a plasterer supplier mainly
Coating stack        
horumuarudehito emission class
The outside that is targeted for designation
The outside that is targeted for designation
Q2: Can even shikkunonha amateur paint?

About a construction tool

Q3: What does the roller have good?

About groundwork processing

Q4: What should the handling of groundwork do?

The shikkunonno application groundwork?

Q5: What kind of base can you paint with "shikkunon?"

shikkunonno use

Q6:  Can you paint a bathroom with "shikkunon?"

The standard consumption?

Q7:  How long can "shikkunon" apply it in one can?

Standard film thickness

Q8:  Is the structure attached?

Painting interval

Q9:  There is "shikkunon" when I finish it by coating twice, how long should I empty it during the first and the second?

The painting point

Q10:  Please tell me the precaution painting.
 It is a shikkunonha no plane material.
 When the groundwork moves that there is work to take in carbon dioxide after the painting, and to return to original limestone and is short in elasticity; a join
 A crack may occur in the to part.
 In addition, in the characteristic of raw materials, it is ju of coating it depending on a state of the groundwork, speed, climatic condition of how to paint, the drying, hit condition of the light
 A ri part looks like a line, and uneven coloring may occur.
 I hope that I have you use it after having had you understand this and others.
 In addition, please note that you cannot take the responsibility by the malfunction of the construction method in us.
Yakusen lime
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FAX. 0837-52-1125
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