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Representative greetings

Representative greetings

We obtain the facilities which local people made as manure use every season by transfer in those days in the current ground in 1930 (Showa 5) and are doing that the first generation lived by lime production continuously with the origin.
The 30, Showa generation began, and the construction of the house occurred successively as a postwar reconstruction became up to professional standard, and we tried for supply of the plaster.
In addition, as a foundation made with the base of the heavy industries such as steel, chemistry, the paper manufacture, I supplied the product accompanied with the maintenance of an approach, the water and sewage to a pollution issue in the 40s.
The corpse of the Crustacea living thing of the whole sea and the bottom of the sea deposited to the limestone from 300 million years ago and I repeated the changes without several degrees and was formed.
It is a big inheritance to the human whom the earth of 4.6 billion years built up.
In addition, it is the only mineral resources that our country can provide for oneself.

Lime industry is old industry, but I am incorporated in environmental measures state-of-the-art such as water, the atmosphere, the soil and am industry with the demand firm sequentially.

I make use of the mobility that is our strength and, for various environmental changes such as carbon neutral or the work-style reform, cope flexibly and will aim at 200 years and the continuing company from now on for 100 years.
In contributing to where it vary for stakeholders in daily operation
Yakusen lime, please continuously.

Yakusen lime
President Katsumi Eto
Yakusen lime
3362, Isachoisa, Mine-shi, Yamaguchi
TEL. 0837-52-1148
FAX. 0837-52-1125
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