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Quality of soil stabilization

Clay minerals and lime of the under the ground react chemically and stiffen
It is one of the quality of soil stabilization methods of construction using a property.
In addition, I solve a problem of the remaining soil disposal with the construction by this method of construction,
I keep the traffic number of the transportation vehicle within a minimum,
It is rational and is superior economically.


1.Drop of the hydrous ratio
The calcium oxide produces calcium hydroxide in response to water of the under the ground.
CaO H2O → Ca(OH)2 280kcal/kg
The water of 32% of calcium oxide mass is used by this reaction, and the hydrous ratio decreases. In addition, I run a fever at the time of a reaction and vaporize water, and temperature of the soil rises and promotes uniter of lime and the soil.
2.Drop of the plasticity
Most of minute soil particles are charged with electricity to minus number and rebel each other. A calcium ion (Ca2) in lime connects a soil particle, and the repulsion between the particle becomes weak when I add lime in this state. Therefore, the soil particles gather and grow big, and earth is improved.
3.Extreme increase by the pozzolan reaction
The soil particle which connected a calcium ion produces a stable crystal mineral in response to lime of an alkali atmosphere more. I am called a pozzolan reaction, and this reaction progresses for a long term. And the reaction products become the combination body and increase strength of the soil.
4.Strength increase by the charcoal oxidation reaction
It is the reaction that lime makes the compaction in response to carbonic acid and carbon dioxide of the under the ground.
Ca(OH)2 H2CO3 → CaCO3 2H2O

◆Target soil and processing materials

The stabilization with the lime is effective against an infinitesimal grain-rich soil.
●I am suitable for the thing of the high hydrous ratio in an infinitesimal grain such as calcium oxide ... viscosity soil and the trass.
●I am suitable for the thing of the low hydrous ratio such as the quality of calcium hydroxide ... stone soil.
※As for the wet calcium hydroxide, 20% degree adds water to calcium hydroxide and is the lime which held outbreak of the mine dust in check.
●It is the product which added pozzolan materials based on cyclone lime ... calcium oxide.
I am suitable for quality of soil improvement such as the organic quality soil of the high hydrous ratio.

◆Quality of soil stability lime

●Load figure
san, furekon (calcium oxide 1t, cyclone lime 1t, calcium hydroxide 500 kg), 20 kg
Impurities (%)
Calcium oxide
Very much
Very much
Calcium hydroxide

◆Physical property examination

1.Density examination of the soil particle
Water of the under the ground refers to the density of the soil particle at unit of solid moiety volume mass except the air.
Using this test result, I find the crack ratio, color saturation of the soil.
2.Hydrous ratio examination
The hydrous ratio expressed the ratio for the dry mass of the soil of the quantity of quality of the water out of the soil lost by drying of 110 degrees Celsius in percentage.
A kind of the hydrous ratio includes the natural hydrous ratio (soil of the actual state) or the ideally hydrous ratio (the soil which coordinated water content so that teiko mega was well-done most).

3.Particle size examination
It is the examination for the particle size distribution of the soil particle.
By this examination, I classify the soil and estimate support power properties.
4.Consistency examination
The consistency examination expresses easy change and transformation of the state of the soil by the water content with a number.
As it becomes liquid if the hydrous ratio is very high, and the hydrous ratio decreases, I change with a plasticity body, semisolid, a solid. I call the thing which expressed such a knickpoint where is in each state in hydrous ratios each with a humoral limit, a plasticity limit, a shrinkage limit and am used to grasp a property of the soil.
In addition, plasticity index (PI) is the humoral difference with a limit and the plasticity limit, and a number is said generally that a strength drop by the high ihado water absorption is remarkable.

◆Dynamic property examination

1.teiko me examination
I demand the water containing ratio from the teiko metatokino water containing ratio and relations of the dry density with the greatest drying density by the constant method that there is on Saturday ideally. I use this test result for the standard value for teiko meno degree such as the laying earth on the ground to prescribe the construction water containing ratio.

2.One axis compression examination
I find the biggest compression stress of the test specimen becoming independent in a state not to receive a lateral pressure. This examination is suitable to examine many samples and uses the test result for a calculation of the stability such as the foundations of viscous land board, a slope digging side, the retaining wall.
3.CBR examination
It is an examination to perform to judge the big things and small things of the support power of the soil in the state to receive a lateral pressure. The test result is used for a roadbed and roadbed materials strength evaluation price widely.

◆Original position examination

1.Portable corn penetration test
It is an examination to perform for a judgment of torafikabiritei (run characteristics of the construction machine in the soft ground). It is a method to judge the strength of the original position for a corn index (as for the crackle resistance, the unit per unit area kgf/cm2) easily.
※It takes around two weeks until a test result is given. (except the portable corn penetration test)

◆Construction example

1.Roadbed, stabilization of the roadbed
2.Improvement of laying earth on the ground materials
3.Solidification such as the sludge
4.torafikabiriti improvement of the soft ground
5.Stabilization of a parking lot, the athletic ground
6.Other quality of soil improvement

◆Point to keep in mind in the construction

●Rain water, ryusui prevent them from being flooded during mixture, teiko me work as if being able to drain it of water enough.
●Of the mixed irregularity when occur, please mix it again.
●It is not constant, but, as for the digestion time of the calcium oxide, degree hangs by the hydrous ratio of the soil, the mixed degree and outside temperature for 4-12 hours.
●After mixing, please mix it again immediately during the good self-care early days when the point where predetermined strength is not provided by unevenness of the quality of soil partially occurs.
●The teiko mega finished processing side takes good care of itself until predetermined strength is provided as needed. It is different in extreme growth during a good self-care period, but prevent, meanwhile, you from being disturbed approximately 3-7 days by the passage of jusharyo as an aim by quality of soil.
Calcium oxide dispersion
Mixture by the stabilizer
Mixture by the backhoe

◆Temporary storage of the flexible container filling calcium oxide

I raise the floor so that water does not penetrate from the bottom of furekon and cover the whole with a tarpaulin like the chart below,
Please ensure safety.
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