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shikkunonno how to paint

Let's see shikkunono coat

[1] Tool to prepare

Entering shikkunon 3 kg
  • Roller
  • Brush
  • Good self-care tape (masking tape trout car)
  • Pail
※I cannot use the tool made of aluminum to react with alkali.
※Hair length 13mm of the middle hair, high viscosity paint use are recommended to the roller.
※Long hair 18mm or 20mm is recommended to the big groundwork of irregularities.

[2] Groundwork processing

■The part which is in trouble when paint attaches covers with masking tape, a trout car (good self-care tape with the plastic tape), newspaper.
■In addition, please drop the dirt (oil content, the dirt from the hand, dust) of the paintwork enough. Paint becomes hard to adhere, and a dirt may stand out to coating.
※About Sheeler processing
 When I paint shikkunon, shikkunon A, I paint application shitekarashikkunon, shikkunon A in aqueous Sheeler
 tekudasai. It becomes very likely that I coat a suction irregularity and exfoliate when I paint a base directly.

※About dilution
■I use it in no dilution basically. But please dilute it with 1-2% of water when you are hard to paint in climatic condition. Concealment characteristics of the groundwork decrease when you dilute it too much, and please be careful as it causes the uneven coloring.
※When drying of the paint is extremely early by intense heat and direct rays of the sun.
※When viscosity of the paint becomes higher in severe cold and is hard to paint.
It is masking -1 in a border part
It is masking -2 in a border part

[3] The painting

■I confirm whether a base completely dries.
■I open a container and stir it well from the bottom. (you should use a stirrer or a hand mixer to use for the making of cake and can stir it.)
■I move the paint to a pail.
■I miss out the extra paint which a roller, a brush had in a pail.
■At first I paint with a place (including the corner) where the roller does not arrive by a brush.
 A seam brush (or a writing brush) is recommended.
■The part using the brush minimizes it and plasters it with a roller to the limit if possible.
■When I spread it with a roller, I avoid how to paint that I add pressure and rack and I can stretch it out without unreasonableness lightly and OK it
 I do it in this.
Coating, brush
At first I paint by a brush toward the corner
I drop extra paint
On the wall well
Please plaster it
The part of the corner is made, too
I paint with a roller
*I finish it by shikkunonha twice coating.
(the distance depends on climatic condition, but is the water absorptive big groundwork with the small groundwork water absorptive more than three hours more than six hours         
 Please take it.)
The photograph mentioned above is a thing when I painted with "shikkunon" on the plastic cross of the living of the person in charge's house.

[4] Precaution

shikkunon, precaution in the construction
(please see shikkunon Q&A in detail)
  • As the thick painting causes the crazing, please wait.
  • When you do stack coating, please construct it after confirming that a base completely dries. (you vary according to climatic condition, but you empty an interval with the small groundwork of the water absorptivity such as synthetic resin paint vinyl crosses more than six hours, and please construct it with the water absorptive big groundwork such as plasterboards more than three hours.)
  • Please wash the tool after the use with water after the use immediately. It becomes hard to get paint with there being paint when I leave you unattended for a long time.
shikkunon, security, sanitary precaution
  • When you work, please ventilate it enough.
  • You prevent you from touching skin in the case of the construction as much as possible, and please wear gloves, protection glasses, a protection mask as needed.
  • When you attached to skin, you wash it away with water well, and please receive the diagnosis of the doctor when a pain or an injury occur.
  • When it gets into eyes by mistake, you wash it away with a large quantity of water well immediately, and please receive the diagnosis of the specialist.
  • Please be careful not to drink it by mistake.
  • Please avoid preservation, the use at the place with the fear of the freeze. (I might wake up an adhesion delinquent when I undertake construction on the groundwork freezing up.)
  • When you keep it, you confirm that a container is sealed up, and please keep it out of reach of children.
Yakusen lime
3362, Isachoisa, Mine-shi, Yamaguchi
TEL. 0837-52-1148
FAX. 0837-52-1125
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