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Quality control, authorized system

Application standard
JIS Q 9001:2015
(ISO 9001:2015)
The certification is Production of calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide and the limestone powder
Examination register Ray Software Research Associate
Registration number Q2508
Registration day September 18, 2003
Quality control is essential to supply a good product steadily.
I inspect it up to quality of water and the fuel commencing with an investigation of the limestone which is the raw materials let alone quality control of the lime which is a product in us and allow you to meet every needs.
I carry out the inspection for a very small amount of metal in lime and get high trust recently.
In addition, these days when the way as the company is called into question by the issue of global environment,
I carry out monitoring and the measurement of soot, dust, the noise, the vibration and lay emphasis on environmental conservation.

Authorized system

About a chemical substance radiation voluntary authorized system

F ☆☆☆☆ =Is it security, plaster =?
Building Standard Act revises it in 2003 and is taken effect, and the eye for the interior building materials of consumers becomes severer,
In addition, recognition of "F ☆☆☆☆= security" increases.
The plaster which is building materials of "the outside targeted for notification" in revised standard law is F ☆☆☆☆ It was the building material which did not need the indication, but I judged it when I could not carry out the accountability for consumers and decided to carry out "a chemical substance radiation independence authorization system" in the Japan plaster association only by explanation, "the plaster was natural material" while recognition of "F ☆☆☆☆= security" increased.
"A chemical substance radiation voluntary authorized system" is the system that association of Japanese plaster authorizes safety based on a voluntary standard targeting at plaster products about 13 chemical substance radiation a of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare guidelines.
I make the voluntary standard that our system determines based on a guideline level of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare guidelines (only acetaldehyde follows WHO standard) and do the plaster products which examine the standard when I fill up, and were judged with "an authorization product" in Japan plaster association and do the licensing of "the authorization mark".
A list of products which caught the authorization is this
Among 13 chemical substances for a Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare guidelines, correct data are not provided without a test method being established about 5 chemical substances.
In addition, our system assumes 8 chemical substances a standard object because the possibility that these 5 chemical substances are included in the plaster is 0.
8 chemical substance radiation standards that association of Japanese plaster establishes
A product and the authorized number that received authorization

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