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Of the chemical industry
For development and security
Medicine Sengoku ash planned the utilization of limestone resources since the formation in 1930 and made an effort at creation of the new value. I make use of the longtime results and continue aiming at development and the security of the chemical industry in future.
We of limestone resources plan effectively utilizing it
I will contribute to global environment protection
I make the house environment that is kind to the earth with a person
I you and be and be and be

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Announcement of summer holiday
We would like to express our sincere thanks for your continued support.
I am so sorry, but it should be closed during the following period.
From Saturday, August 14 to 16th Monday
Thank you for your cooperation.
Yakusen lime
3362, Isachoisa, Mine-shi, Yamaguchi
TEL. 0837-52-1148
FAX. 0837-52-1125
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